“You know - originally I did put a text up there. It could still be on the web actually, I can’t remember. But it says you know, ‘it’s an online show featuring six artists, blah blah blah’ and I dunno, it just sounds very normal and very…”

“I think you could just get a quote from a book or from somebody… it wouldn’t be difficult.”

“It would make a nice change to quote ourselves rather than all these theorists, artists, famous artists and stuff, I think that’s quite nice.”

“Ok, so we’re going along the lines of having audio and something with it as well, and that will be the transcript of this conversation?”


“I guess it depends on how good the recording is I guess.”

“I know, it’s really noisy in here. I’m not sure how well it’s going to...”

“That might be interesting in itself."

“Well we’ll just start with that, you know, there’ll be more discussion another day.”